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Ruqqus logo.png
FoundedNovember 9, 2019[1]
DissolvedOctober 13, 2021[2]
OwnerAdam LaDine (captainmeta4)
RegistrationRequired for posting
Current statusDefunct

Ruqqus was a social media site and open-source forum hosting software, intended as an alternative to Reddit. Started in 2019, and gained a following in 2020 after a mass exodus of Reddit users following subreddit bans during the George Floyd riots[3] Ruqqus is open source and independently operated by Ruqqus, LLC, with co-founder Adam Ladine as the owner and lead backend developer.

Originally designed as a centralized platform for free speech, Ruqqus transitioned from designing it's software solely for use on, to marketing its software for self-hosted instances starting in August 2021.[4]

On October 6th, 2021 Ruqqus Founder Adam LaDine announced the main instance of Ruqqus was closing[5]. Following the announcement of Ruqqus's closure, the licensing of Ruqqus's source code was changed to LGPL, with the intention of spinning off Ruqqus as decentralized open-source discussion software.

On October 13th, the site was officially closed and replaced with a "retrospective" statement written by (non-admin) user carpathianflorist [6].

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