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NOTE: is still in alpha phase, while it is powered by the very stable MediaWiki software, it's independent cloud environment is not strong, and isn't very optimized for a high amount of traffic. Unlike Wikipedia, will be running ads in the future, to subsidize hosting costs. We ask that you leave your AdBlocker off (but we're not enforcing it), the ads will be unobtrusive and use simple plaintext and image embeds. You won't need to worry about malware getting in from banner ads.

Welcome to! An alternative, agenda-free encyclopedia!

The goal of this site is to provide a source of information that is unbiased, free of political agenda, and open for everyone to read and edit. That may sound similar to a website you've heard of before, but the difference between us and Wikipedia is our rules and policies will allow factual information to flow in freely, while staying away from editorialized information. We don't have restrictions on sources you may or may not use, but we do prohibit articles with "Controversy" sections, or anything that displays other's opinions. An encyclopedia is supposed to be a place for facts, not opinions.